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Revolutionary Review

About Revolutionary Review

The Literature

As an affiliate of Revolutionary Press, Revolutionary Review publishes short-form literature. We do not have a preference in what we publish. Our goal is to publish the best contemporary writing. Our editors believe that things like "theme" will only limit a writer's imagination.

We publish writers from any backgrounds. "Story" is what we value the most when reviewing our submissions. Regardless of your format, be that poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, we would like to see you weave a story for your readers.

Revolutionary Review is a literary magazine that publishes biannually. Currently we can only publish online, but in the future we will transition to both online and in print.

If you would like to submit a work, please visit the Review's submission page:

For updates regarding Revolutionary Review, please follow Revolutionary Press's Twitter page @RevolutionaryNP or click the link here!  (RP Review and the press uses the same Twitter)


Revolutionary Review is managed by the staff of Revolutionary Press.


Please send any inquiries about Revolutionary Review to

Please do not send submissions to that email. All submissions must be sent to the submission email listed on Revolutionary Review's submission page. Click the "Submit" button above.

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