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Children Novels

The Orphan Prince Hardcover Front 1.png

The Orphan Prince
By Jeremy Lee

Young Prince Ari, an orphan whose father King Idan was assassinated years ago, embarks on a perilous journey to find his father's killer, the legendary swordsman Black Wolf. What awaits him at the end of the journey is more strange and terrible than anything he could ever have imagined: the truth about himself, his father, and all of humanity.

I was impressed with this novel because it will be able to engage a broad range of readers. The book will easily entrance the young reader into a fantasy world both strange yet familiar, and Ari is a character with whom many children will easily identify. For the more mature reader, though, this book will yield a rich tapestry of themes and hint at darker underpinnings that made me wish there was a sequel!

-- Lynn, Amazon Reviewer

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