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Revolutionary Press is proud to announce the slate of novels to be published in 2022: The Adventures of Ash Lang: The Witness by Jeremy Lee, The League of Conquerors by Jeremy Lee, Beyond the Bailey by Alan Devey, and Corsair and the Sky Pirates by Mark Piggott. Other novels will be announced soon.

A New Edition of The Orphan Prince by Jeremy Lee

This is a gem of a children's novel. The likable but naive protagonist travels in a world full of dark secrets, hostile enemies, and mortal dangers. In the end, he discovers the truth about his world and makes a tough choice between loyalty and justice. Yes, there are major revelations in the story, and I did not see them coming. The Orphan Prince is not only a children's novel, but also a parable of our time. It is a book to be cherished.

-- Josh Book Review

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